Use the best way for developing

Develop from QEditor

QEditor is the QPython’s built-in editor, which supports Python / HTML syntax highlight.

QEditor’s main features

  • Edit / View plain text file, like Python, Lua, HTML, Javascript and so on

  • Edit and run Python script & Python syntax highlight

  • Edit and run Shell script

  • Preview HTML with built-in HTML browser

  • Search by keyword, code snippets, code share

You could run the QPython script directly when you develop from QEditor, so when you are moving it’s the most convient way for QPython develop.

Develop from browser

QPython has a built-in script which is, you could see it when you click the start button and choose “Run local script”. After run it, you could see the result.

QPython qedit4web

Then, you could access the url from your PC/Laptop’s browser for developing, just like the below pics.

QPython qedit4web choose project or file

After choose some project or script, you could start to develop

QPython qedit4web

With it’s help, you could write from browser and run from your android phone. It is very convenient.

Develop from your computer

Besides the above ways, you could develop the script with your way, then upload to your phone and run with QPython also.