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QPython is a script engine that runs Python on android devices. It lets your android device run Python scripts and projects. It contains the Python interpreter, console, editor, and the SL4A Library for Android.
QPython has several millions users in the world already, it's a great project for programming users, welcome to join us for contributing to this project NOW.
  • What's NEW

    QPython has QPython OS, QPython OL, QPython 3S, QPython 3L branches. QPython Ox aims to to provide an Android Python programming tool for educational purposes. QPython 3x aims to to provide an Python scripting engine for the most Android systems which is from 4.3+ to 10.0.

    QPython Ox Releases
    QPython 3x Releases

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      QPython is a Opensource project, welcome to join us.
      It supports many packages, please take a look at QPYPI.
      If you want support, please read README
      Welcome to join QPython User Group to learn more programming skills