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Get help from other QPython community

You can visit QPython wiki, Stackoverflow, SegmentFault (for Chinese) etc to get help or you can

Send an email to us

How to contribute

QPython is partially-opensource project now and we are moving forward to complete opensource. You can get it in QPython github.

There are many ways in which you can contribute to qpython. Code patches are just one thing amongst others that you can submit to help the project. We also welcome feedback, bug reports, feature requests, documentation improvements, advertisement & advocating, testing, features contributions and many other ideas. Just talk to us if you want to help, and we will help you help us.


If you’re using qpython for your own project, don’t hesitate sharing, If you have something that you would like to tell us, please don’t hesitate. Screenshots, videos and error-log (/sdcard/qpyplus_last_err.log) are also very welcome! In QPython's setting activity, there is the feedback feature which you can send feedfack to us.

Reporting an Issue

If you found anything wrong, a crash, segfault, missing documentation, invalid spelling or just weird examples, please take 2 minutes to report the issue.

  • Collect releated informations like your device, android version, and the code you were running, You can send us the related code or complete output with
  • Open QPython issues page and write down the issue if it isn't recorded yet.


Documentation Contributions, Code Contributions, Localization Contributions are comming soon.

Current contributors


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